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New Zealand Alpaca

Extremely Smooth
Alpaca fibres are extremely smooth. Compared to wool, alpaca fibre duvets and pillows are softer and more comfortable, not causing any tingling feel.
The Lightest of All Animal Fibres
Alpaca fibre is the lightest of all animal fibres, perfect for creating bedding products of extremely lightweight and comfortableness.
Hard and Stable
The surface of alpaca wool is a layer of cuticle, which is hard in structure and stable in character. It will not be denatured by sunlight radiation, therefore allowing for the creation of durable bedding products to provide you with great sleep.
Warmer Than Sheep Wool
Alpaca fibre is proven to be warmer than sheep wool. The unique hollow structure of alpaca fibre can trap warm air, ensuring that you can stay warm on those cold winter nights.
Keeping You Dry And Warm
Alpaca fibres have excellent moisture wicking capabilities. Fibre absorbs moisture from your body first and then slowly releases it into the air, keeping you dry and evenly warm throughout the night, summer and winter. Moisture-wicking properties also protect your alpaca fibre products from odour and mildew for a healthier sleep environment.
Alpaca fibre is free of natural body oils produced by most animals, which makes these products naturally hypo-allergenic.